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Extraction of Iron (III) Oxide from Different Iron-containing Ores

The production of iron (III) oxide via recovery, purification, extraction, separation and/or isolation from various iron-containing ores.

Published: 27th August 2019
Extraction of Iron (III) Oxide from Different Iron-containing Ores
Image is illustrative. Source: Richard Webb,, CCBYSA2.0


Several well-known forms of iron oxides are provided in nature (naturally) in important (essential) ores such as magnetite, hematite, goethite, limonite, siderite, etc. This process focuses on the purification and extraction of iron (III) oxide from hematite and goethite ores. Iron (III) oxide has received and is still receiving much attention, not only on the industrial level but on all known economic and strategic levels, since it is mainly applied in the iron and steel manufacturing industries. Moreover, it is considered as one of the most important materials utilized in other big industries such as ceramics, glass, paints, rubber, plastic, paper and building materials. Accordingly, many scientists and manufacturers are interested in the development of methods for processing and purifying various iron oxide ores (e.g. hematite and goethite) from their associated natural impurities. However, most of these methods require very specific conditions like using extremely high pressures and toxic materials that do not always lead to high purification levels.

Technology Overview

The technology is a simple and low-cost method/procedure to produce iron (III) oxide from its hematite and goethite ores, through systematic and sequential steps of grinding, acid treatment, washing, extraction and purification. The technology is directed to extraction of pure iron (III) oxide (hematite form) of chemical structure Fe2O3 from its contaminated hematite ores. The technology also can be used to extract various other iron ores through a simple series of successive, feasible and environmentally accepted steps of purification and extraction.


  • Safe and environmentally acceptable.
  • Process does not require any typical, special, or controlled environments.
  • Can be used to extract ore in nanometer form.


A method of extraction of pure iron (III) oxide from bulk iron ore that includes crushing and grinding, using a crushing machine and raw hematite ore.


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